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Wednesday, September 21 2011
In one of my triathlons this summer, I had my first race crash. Going 28 mph, two people collided ahead of me forcing me to ditch. Blood, screeching tires, and everything. Talk about an experience to work into a story. Didn't realize I was bleeding till the race was over.

As you may or may not know, I have a great memory for everything except names and numbers. So, when I race, jump out of a plane, climb, scuba dive, etc... I remember almost every moment of the adrenaline experience which inevitably comes out in my characters. Did I mention that I love my job and doing what I guess could be classified as research?

Saw U2 at the New Meadowlands in July. Great show! The night was perfect, the atmosphere was electric, and the band was at 110%. For me, there is nothing greater than a live show, the building anticipation as that first note begins to rumble the seats, the band approaching the stage, slinging on their guitars and breaking into that first song in a blaze of white-hot, stage lights. Time disappears for me as song after amazing song washes over the night and 90,000 of your closest friends share the same emotions.  I love working that feeling into my stories, those moments that portend something amazing is about to happen, that building of tension that is finally released with an unexpected twist... or chorus.
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