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Every name, every place in each of my books has either a deeper meaning or a connection to my life.


Byram Hills - Is the name of my high school in the town of Armonk. While Armonk is a great town, Byram Hills just sounds better.

August Engel Finster - Great angel of darkness. He was originally named Fredric Teufel but the folks at my publisher thought it was too obvious (it means devil in German) and that no one would ever be named Teufel. Of course they never heard of Tim Teufel who played for the Twins, Mets, and Padres. Never mind there was a hockey player named Miroslav Satan.

Michael St. Pierre - Mrs. St. Pierre was my piano teacher. The character was named before the whole St. Peter connection was made. Subliminal... perhaps. Michael's thinking, skill sets, philosophy, interests, and love life is a mirror of myself... though we diverge on the criminal background.

Nick Quinn - Is based again on myself. So much of his hisotry is a reflection of my life. His dialogue, concerns , emotions, skills sets, and blond hair is pretty much me. Makes the research much easier.

Mary St. Pierre - Based on my wife. She is the reason for everything great in my life, my love for her is reflected through out my stories. Read the dedication to her in the Thieves of Heaven, it explains everything.

Paul Busch - An amalgam of friends through life. More on him later.

Jeannie Busch - Based on my favorite cousin, Jean. We grew up together and got into more mischief than anyone could ever imagine, much of it appearing in Michael's back story/history.

Hawk, Raven, and Bear (Bear appears in my third book) - Some of our dogs, they are large, they are Bernese Mountain Dogs, they love my family and are beyond protective. You will find them sitting majestically upon a boulder in the front of my house.

KC Ryan - You will meet her in The Thieves of Darkness.  I think you're really going to love her.

Stephen Kelley - Partially based on my grandfather but much more on my uncle, a handsome man who was one of the greatest athletes the world never got to know. A man of strong character, rich heart, and impenetrable moral fiber.

Dennis Thal - See if you can figure this one out.

Simon Bellatori - A character based in part on my brother in-law, one of my closest friends since childhood. We married sisters. Bellatori means great warrior.

Julian Zidane - See if you can figure this one out also.

Valhalla - Paul Busch's bar. This is actually modeled after several bars and restaurants in Armonk. The Norse name, Valhalla, is Odin's Hall where those gloriously slain in battle reside; a fitting place for Michael and Busch to escape to. It is also the name of a neighboring town in Westchester.

There will be more on this as the weeks go on.






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