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Over the coming weeks, I'll be sharing my thoughts, inspiration, and some cool facts concerning The 13th Hour in the areas below. 

I  will tell you this, it was written with time flowing backwards, exactly in the order that you read it which at times seemed like keeping five games of chess going in my head at all times.  I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The Grandfather Paradox, String Theory, and The Space Time Continuem
Hawkings, Einstein, and Nick Quinn


A wormhole is a tunnel in space that matter can traverse through. It works in four dimensions with time being the fourth and connects two points in the universe. A simple analogy for how a wormhole works is a two-dimensional piece of paper with a pair of dots on it. If a bug wishes to go from one dot to another, it could walk between the two points, but if it was in a hurry, it could go significantly faster if we were to fold the piece of paper and let the bug take a shortcut. A wormhole works on the same basic principle. As space is curved, the distance between the two points is significantly less when traversed by the wormhole instead of the direct route.   Of course if the bug had a watch.... 

Exotic Weapons
Mr. Peabody, Sherman and Other Guests
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