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Richard is a respected expert in the field of commercial real estate, having served as the president, managing director, and CEO of several of the leading national real estate firms.

       While many authors choose to write about thrills, Richard has lived his life experiencing them. He is a skydiver, triathlete, kitesurfer, expert skier, scuba diver, an eratic golfer, and an extreme sport enthusiast who has jumped out of too many planes, off bridges, cliffs, and cranes with rubber bands around his ankles, parachutes on his back and sometimes just enjoying a hundred-foot freefall into water with nothing to slow his descent.

       Richard combines the adrenaline rush of his life with his imagination to bring out the best in his characters. He finds his inspiration in the love for his wife, Virginia, and how far he would go to protect her; it is what helps him fill his stories with heart and hope.

Like his main characters, Richard does much of his work under cover of darkness where distractions are few and his creative juices flow best.  A highly disciplined man, he manages his businesses and conducts his research throughout the day, does the bulk of his writing from 8 pm until 1 am and rises everyday by 6:30 to work out and start his day anew.

         Richard is an accomplished musician, playing and composing for both the guitar and piano. He has scored the soundtracks for several independent short films and his music has been featured on MTV, VH1, and various television commercials.

He has been married for 31 years to his childhood sweetheart, Virginia. Their children range in age from fun to wisdom.

Richard's first novel, The Thieves of Heaven, was published in 2006 and has been purchased by 20th Century Fox. An international bestseller, The Thieves of Heaven is published in 28 languages and available in 33 countries. His second novel, The Thieves of Faith arrived in stores December 26th  2007 garnering praise as a tour de force as it rode the bestseller lists around the world.

The 13th Hour arrived December 29th 2009 in hardcover and has been riding the bestseller lists around the world ever since and... will be arriving in theaters soon.

Then, of course, there's The Thieves of Darkness , Half-Past Dawn, The Thieves of Legend, Embassy all arriving with rave reviews and selling out around the world. And this spring, he will be unleashing Chaos.

And wait to you see what's coming soon! 

To learn more about Richard and his writing process, check out the FAQ link, pix, and his desk. And be sure to seek him out in the social media world. 

This is where you will find me in the middle of the night. I am surrounded by the trinkets, mementos, tchatchkas, and cool things from my travels. On my desk you will find everything from arrowheads and shark teeth to scorpions and chess pieces, back-stage passes for Kiss, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Journey, Velvet Revolver, et al., guitar picks, Roman coins, piranhas, alligator heads, Joe Perry's guitar slide, swords, framed bugs from Asia, a Batman painting by Ralph Lauren's nephew, Egyptian artifacts, elephants, sharks, something from Alcatraz, a Winged Foot key ring, a fake magical human thumb, fossils, a Pez dispenser, a constantly cold can of Coke, a pyramid, voodoo dolls, a CD by The Swag Hooks, a Velvet Revolver shot glass, a Texas letter holder, African idols plus all sorts of other things.  Music is always playing while I write from Zepplin to Hanz Zimmer, Eric Clapton to Brad Paisley, Metallica to Stravinsky. 

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