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"Whip-smart and lightning-paced, Richard Doetsch's latest thriller, The Thieves of  Darkness, proves that the best authors only get better with each book. This novel left me breathless and awed by the scope and scale of this story.  Truly a masterwork by an exploding talent."  -- James Rollins, New York Times bestselling Author of Altar of Eden

"[A] Masterpiece... Richard Doetsch handles all the elements of a classic thriller superbly... Doetsch has earned his seat at the table with other A-list thriller writers."         --     Booklist




It starts with a Prison Break from Chiron Prison located on a plateau in the middle of an eastern desert.

Michael St. Pierre faces off against an adversary like he has never faced before: Another thief but this one is as dark and ruthless and violent as history has ever known.

Without revealing any of the plot, know that The Thieves of Darkness will carry you from arid deserts, to London's underworld, from the canals of Amsterdam to the ancient palaces of Istanbul, from Byram Hills, New York to the highest mountain reaches of India. It encompasses a true ancient map in Topkapi Palace, Corsairs, a place lost to the snows of the Himalayas all a piece of the puzzle in Michael's quest to save the woman he loves, a woman who also happens to be a thief.

Filled with history, mystery, and the breakneck pace of The 13th Hour I think it is my best novel yet.