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Name: Denise
Date: 09/22/2009
Message: Embassy, The 13th Hour, The Thieves of Darkness. How great that we get three things in less than 9 months. You must have some active imagnation.

Name: Bob Isom
Date: 09/18/2009
Message: Just finshed The 13th Hour. THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ!!! I was lucky enough to get one of the Hardcover advance reader copies. My only problem was I finsihed it so fast but the hint of the sequel has already got my mind spinning. This book is going to be HUGE!!!!

Name: Kate
Date: 08/29/2009
Message: Can't wait for The 13th Hour. Great review!!!!

Name: Timothy
Date: 08/09/2009
Message: Will you post a chapter from teh 13th hour? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Annie
Date: 08/06/2009
Message: I just read an amazing review for The 13th Hour. That said it blows the Davinci Code away and was the best book the reviewer had read. When you said that it is so much more than a thiller you weren't kidding. Now I'm dying, when are we going to see this book?

Name: Barbara
Date: 07/29/2009
Message: More, more, more!!!

Name: Sonja
Date: 07/21/2009
Message: It doesn't happen often that I am entirely impressed and captivated by a book and in this case - books. You have succeeded in doing both. I look forward to reading your next publications. I wish you continued success.

Name: Pamela Matthews
Date: 07/21/2009
Message: Love your book. Can't wait for Thieves of Darkness. I was so hoping you would continue the story with Michael, Paul and Simon. Looking forward to it.

Name: Virginia
Date: 07/14/2009

Name: Brett
Date: 07/13/2009
Message: Mr. Doetsch Loved seeing you at Thrillefest. Your panel was really good. I can't wait for The 13th Hour. Brett


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