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Name: Maria Genaro
Date: 09/13/2010
Message: Watching Monday Night Football in bed, reading Thieves of Darkness. You look like the announcer, John Gruden with longer hair, in better shape, and with a tan. Guess I'm trying to say you're a better looking version of John Gruden. My husband just elbowed me. Love the book.

Name: Gina Fraoli
Date: 09/13/2010
Message: The 2 best books I read this summer were yours!

Name: Carol
Date: 09/13/2010
Message: Book signings? Where and when?

Name: Phil Hoffman
Date: 09/12/2010
Message: Was going out today but got lost reading the thieves of darkness. i just finished the 13th hour on friday and needed a fix of your great writing.

Name: Lynn
Date: 09/12/2010
Message: Really enjoyed The Thieves of Darkness, keep em coming!

Name: Eric
Date: 09/10/2010
Message: Loving Darkness in Iowa!

Name: Christine
Date: 09/10/2010
Message: Hi Richard! Calgary sends love your way!

Name: Lettia
Date: 09/09/2010
Message: Finally! I've been waiting so long for this book... half way through and it was so worth the wait

Name: Nick
Date: 09/08/2010
Message: Purchased The Thieves of Darkness and The 13th Hour Yesterday, read the first chapters of each. My God! Both amazing, so hard to choose. Going with 13th hour first as I share the same name with Nick Quinn.

Name: Ian
Date: 09/07/2010
Message: Read The 13th Hour in two days. One of the best books I've ever read. Just ordered your Thieves of Darkness. Can't wait!!!


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