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Name: Edie Langhorn
Date: 09/26/2010
Message: The Thieves of Darkness was amazing. Just started The 13th Hour, what an opening!!! Great work!

Name: Brett Horan
Date: 09/26/2010
Message: Not even finished with The Thieves of Darkness and its the best book I've read this year.

Name: Linda Cohen
Date: 09/24/2010
Message: The only problem with finishing The Thieves of Darkness is having to wait for your next. Nice work!

Name: Randi
Date: 09/22/2010
Message: Bravo! Another great novel!

Name: Paul Gotsegan
Date: 09/22/2010
Message: Mr.Doetsch. I've been a fan since your first book. It's amazing that in less than a year you release Embassy, The 13th Hour, and The Thieves of Darkness, I thoroughly loved them all!!! Thank you, and keep them coming.

Name: Janice
Date: 09/22/2010
Message: Your books are great. I really loved The 13th HOur

Name: Alissa
Date: 09/22/2010
Message: Great interview tonight. You were so interesting and full of life. Would love to see you in person, will your booltour bring you to Chicago?

Name: Dave
Date: 09/21/2010
Message: Love the skydiving, it was like I was there,sucked me right in and took me on a great rollercoaster ride. Great book!!

Name: Mark Premus
Date: 09/20/2010
Message: I read The 13th Hour while on vacation and loved it, picked up The Thieves of Darkness last week and loved it just as much. Fantastic books, I really enjoy your style and story telling ability!

Name: Louise
Date: 09/17/2010
Message: Loved The Thieves of Darkness, just got your first two from Amazon today. Can't wait to dig in


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